Everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true. Philanthropy or giving to charity should be done whenever one can and in any way one can. Kids, especially need a helping hand whenever possible. Children should know that there are people supporting them, whether it be in sports or academics.

One of Matt’s favorite programs is the North Idaho Aerospace Program. This program offers children from middle school, high school,  homeschools, and even an alternative boarding school the chance to learn about aerospace.

The program involves academic classes and career pathway exploration through guest speakers and field trips.  We provide flight training that can lead to a private pilot license and our club, ACES Workshop, builds airplanes.  All of the activities for the program are paid for by donations and conducted by volunteers.  No one gets paid.  Thus, the financial strain of keeping this program moving can be intense.

Matt understood the strain that depending on donations can cause, and thus, decided to help. Being an avid flier himself, Matt wanted to help the program out.

Without even being asked, Matt Redhawk offered a $4000 scholarship for flight training to one of our students.  This money paid for Ron’s private pilot training.  Ron now is a freshman at the University of Idaho studying engineering.  

Matt has donated $4000 a total of three times to three different students, allowing them to continue their dream of flying and education.

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