Entrepreneurs: Taking Control of Your Career in Film

There are thousands of different professionals in the movie industry where people offer different services; from cinematography and catering, to costume designing and graphic designing. Ideally, when individuals think of getting into the movie business, they tend to think about three positions. What comes to mind is directors, producers, and actors. When a film succeeds, these three positions are the ones that get the credit when the movie succeeds, or blame for the failure of the movie.

If you are in the film industry and you are looking to get into the movie business in one of the three positions, then there are a couple of things Matt Redhawk would like you to know about the positions.

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The job of the director is to transfer the screenplay to the final product. To make this work, the director works closely with the crew to communicate the vision they have on everything from music to costumes. If there is any fault found on the screenplay, it will be altered for the benefit of the movie’s story line. The most vital bit is that they direct the actors to make sure that they get the best performances from them. Once the shooting of the movie is complete, the film will be cut by the editor. In the American film industry, well-known directors include James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Ron Howard.


Looking for investors and getting funds for the film is the work of a producer. Additionally, the most important professionals who can work on a movie are also hired by a producer. The producer also has the task of lining up the distribution of the film onto DVD and in movie theatres. Although one can assume that the work on the producer revolves around finances, most producers also tend to chip in over many aspects of the film. But in some cases, this often leads to clashes with the role of the director. Some of the famous producers are Harvey and Max Weinstein, Brian Grazer, and Jerry Bruckheimer. There are also actors and directors who have taken the role of the producer; they include Tim Burton, J.J Adams, and Sandra Bullock.


We all know what the role of an actor is in a movie. For even the most experienced and talented actors, they all need preparation. Preparations may entail physical fitness, or change of physical sizes to suit the role in the particualr movie. If the film is being shot at in a different country, actors will be required to start learning more about the context and history of the place. Actors will also be asked to familiarize themselves with an accent or a foreign language. All these are done before the actor gets on the set. Well-known actors in the 21st century include Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise.

I  would like to note that it is tough to get into the movie business without having someone to guide you. To start off on the right track, look for a mentor who can help you to brainstorm your ideas. If you do not know anyone in the industry, ask around for an introduction.